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El eDelivery al día
02 de octubre de 2019
Fast-fashion versus traditional retail

Differences between fast-fashion and the traditional retailers. Insights from a 6 times award winning company.

3 take-aways:

  1. Produce on demand. Offer your customers exactly what they ask for. You need to take in their demand and requirements, based on speed, data, social media and popularity and take in production what is in demand. You will need to be able to offer your customers what they demand and ask for, to be able to get them back to your store every other month. Don’t produce a year ahead, as you won’t be able to know what and how the demand would look like. Looking at fashion, nowadays you won’t be able to know what would be ‘’fashionable'' at the time (a year after), you’re launching the collections. Produce in the moment. 
  1. Speed is everything. Create a supply-chain based on speed, where you can produce, transport, have a supply-chain which is able to bring products online and to the market within just a couple of weeks. Speed in productions, speed in deliveries, speed in launching collections. This is crucial for the new era and the new generation of online shoppers.
  1. Data, it’s all about data. Having half a million followers on social media (combined), gives our design and production teams a lot of data on how to play with the demand of the customers. Based on data, re-search, demand, popularity, in connection to the thousands of e-mails and messages we’re receiving on social media, we’re deciding wether to produce or re-stock specific products. Data is crucial.​


Fast-fashion versus traditional retail
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