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Address:Pere IV, 58
08005 Barcelona
The solution to the logistics of last mile, taking into account the restrictions that will be imposed on January 1, 2020 in cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, goes through a decongestion of traffic. The tendency of the market to try to attack the last mile with the same vehicles, but in an electric or hybrid version, does not seem the most appropriate. In the first place because it does not solve the eternal problem of loading and unloading areas, congested, nor that of pollution, because, even in the electrical version, they are large emitters of particles and CO2 during their manufacture, use and recycling.
At Cargobici we believe that betting on cyclologistics is betting on a winning vehicle. The cargobikes are agile and versatile (up to 3m3 and
360 kg capacity), have an autonomy in use between 40 and 60 km, their consumption is 97% lower than electric vehicles that are sold, does not require any installation of charging points and can circulate with the regulations for cycles, being able to access pedestrianized areas. And they are more economical and ecological.
In Cargobici we have the largest national catalog of cargobikes of European manufacturers, whose vehicles have been thoroughly tested (in Germany in 2018 30,000 cargobikes were sold). We also provide consulting services for the implementation of the fleet, renting of vehicles and a service of maintenance performed by expert mechanics.
We are launching a pilot project together with other companies in the sector with which to demonstrate scientifically that the cargobike is the most efficient, sustainable and economic vehicle in the market. Do you join the challenge?

1st - 3rd June 2021
Recinto de Montjuic - Plaza España de Fira de Barcelona
Consorci ZF Internacional SAU
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