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El eDelivery al día
11 de marzo de 2019
The new eLogistics professional profiles

The rise of e-commerce has turned the logistics sector into one of the main sources of employment in the 2020-2025 period. For decades, the most demanded profiles in in the logistics sector were, on the one hand, the ones, of engineers and on the other to warehouse workers, delivery workers and transporters. But now, with the boost of online sales, a new demand has emerged for new, more qualified, specialized and technological professional profiles. In many cases, the start-ups taking a leading role in the emergence of eLogistics, are the ones looking for these profiles. The most demanded values include technological skills as well as the ability to have an analytical, strategic vision based on the processes’ improvement.

The irruption of new technologies and innovation in logistics procedures are driving the demand for very specific professional profiles. In this context, some of the most demanded profiles are operations manager, sales planner, supply chain technician, stock management technician, supply chain operations manager, data specialists, route manager, programmers, operators specialized in new technologies, business intelligence experts, programmers, product designers and usability experts.

Analyzing in detail some of these new profiles, operations manager comes out as one of the positions most in demand. Its mission is to optimize and keep under control the internal processes of the company and set a balance between a quality service and a reasonable logistics cost. One of the current handicaps is that there are professionals with experience in traditional logistics, but not as many with a more specific knowledge in the logistics of e-commerce.

Another of the most demanded profiles is the supply chain technician, in charge of managing the inventory, the dates for the order to be completed, the warehouse assortment list, transportation, shipping, etc. This position is followed by stock management technician, whose mission is to organize and control the operations and flows of goods in the warehouse, according to the established procedures and current regulations, and to ensure the quality and optimization of the network of warehouses and / or chain Logistics. An increasingly demanded figure is that of head of operations of the supply chain, who is the person in charge of the administration of supply networks, which is the process of planning, execution and control of all operations that are carried out within the supply chain.

On the other hand, online sales manage increasing data about customers, their preferences, their location, etc. For this reason, data analyst is another of the most requested profiles. They are experts capable of ordering and refining data to create a matrix of analysis that allows generating key indicators to operate competitively and effectively in this business.

On the other hand, the set of tools, technologies and processes that enable to turn data stored into information and useful knowledge to direct it towards a strategic or commercial plan, is demanding, experts in business intelligence in the new logistics sector.

The new eLogistics professional profiles
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