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El eDelivery al día
05 de mayo de 2020
The Covid-19 crisis has led many businesses to fully commit themselves to online sales

The health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19 has forced the great majority of shops to close their doors. In addition to the economic impact, the current situation has meant for many stores and commercial establishments to consider a change in their business model. A good part of commercial activity is logically waiting for a return to normality -or at least to a certain normality- and to resume its activity, but the parameters under which they used to act up to this moment have undoubtedly changed.

Many businesses have decided to take a step forward and fully enter the world of e-commerce. Not only because emergency situations like the current one, and that are likely to be repeated in the future, make online platforms essential for citizens to continue purchasing food and other goods and services. It is also a matter of changing habits among the population, a trend that has been glimpsed in recent years and that is becoming more and more intense, to the point that it is even the older population is increasingly using online channels.

In general, most businesses have invested in digitization in recent years, although their aim was not to make online environment relevant in their sales channels. However, the Covid-19 crisis is hastening things and many businesses and establishments are taking advantage of the situation: in addition to using digital channels to communicate with their customers, many of them plan to use them as well to offer and market their products now in a definite way.

The boom that the virtual store channel is going through is serving to boost innovation among startups, SMEs and large companies that have realized that digitization is not an option but an obligation.


The explosion of e-commerce in recent years was already imposing many challenges for the logistics and delivery sector, especially the last mile one. This phenomenon is going to intensify even more in the coming years in the light of recent events. There will be, if possible, greater logistics’ needs and a greater number of vehicles and delivery people on the roads and streets. In this context, technology is of paramount importance both to provide these services with maximum efficiency and quality and to guarantee growth that is compatible with sustainability.



The Covid-19 crisis has led many businesses to fully commit themselves to online sales
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