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El eDelivery al día
11 de febrero de 2019
The challenge of generating a quality delivery service: the customer’s purchasing experience

The e-commerce boom has made it absolutely essential for the companies operating in this sector the need to generate a satisfactory purchasing experience for the client. The challenge of generating a maximum-quality delivery service is an imperative necessary to be able to compete.

According to the facts of the National Commission of Markets and Competence (CNMC in Spanish), the internet sales are growing at a pace of 27.2% per year and are moving E 21,800 M in Spain. But just as the demand is increasing, the consumers’ demands are increasing as well. They request the maximum delivery quality and that involves receiving the largest purchasing flexibility and convenience. They also value the easiness, usefulness and simplicity in the purchasing process. And, of course, the immediate delivery.

To become strong in such a competitive environment, they must respond efficiently to these challenges. In this sense, there is a convincing fact: a 78% of the consumers stop buying at an online shop if its logistics doesn’t work properly. Thus, companies want to take to the client the product purchased with the lowest possible cost and the maximum speed. That is how they manage to gain customer loyalty.

The speed and the need to reduce as much as possible the delivery deadlines of the products are boosting the search of spaces in the city centers to be as close as possible to the client and to guarantee a complete delivery in the first try.

But, apart from the speed, the e-commerce client demands to have access to the largest number of buying options and possible deliveries. All that is forcing to restructure the traditional supply channels. At present times, many companies offer different types of transport services: home deliveries, 24-hours deliveries, deliveries in less than two hours, shop deliveries, picking up at convenient points to adapt to the customers’ needs and demands. In this sense, technology is a key factor for the tracking and location of the deliveries, the information offered by big data and other innovating solutions that have an impact in the improvement of e-commerce, logistics and supply chain and essential for any on-line business and the basis of differentiation for each company.

At the same time, a quality delivery demands that the client can be informed at any time and during all the process of the state of his/her delivery. That implies that the companies must adopt an omnichannel strategy. The new communication ways and their different possibilities have absolution stirred up the companies, but they are also a challenge to compete to improve the clients’ experience through a largest possible number of channels and devices. Consumers want to have the option to buy through different channels and devices and to pass easily from a channel to another during the decision process.

It is very important for companies to communicate in a proactive way at each period of the product delivery process and that they provide constant information to the clients on the status of their order through the different channels.

In this sense, a fluid, easy and comfortable bidirectional dialogue must exist offering the opportunity to the receiver to put in contact with the delivery courier to change the delivery address or to confirm that he or she will be at home during the agreed period of time.


The challenge of generating a quality delivery service: the customer’s purchasing experience
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