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El eDelivery al día
20 de mayo de 2019
The boom of cross-border electronic commerce

The cross-border commerce is already a reality and it will be increasingly so. Globalization and new technologies, together with the fact that consumers are looking for the best prices, a greater diversity of products or simply whatever is a novelty, are favoring that the trend to buy products online beyond borders is becoming increasingly common.

The data corroborates these trends. The cross-border online market in Europe represented a turnover of 95,000 million euros in 2018. This corresponds to a 22.8% share of the total ecommerce. The 500 most important companies that are currently considered to carry out electronic commerce generate 36,000 million euros. These are the main conclusions of the first edition of Cross-Border Commerce Europe's 'Top 500 Cross-Border Retail Europe study.

The development of logistics networks and the reduction of transport costs are facilitating the take-off of a new form of electronic commerce that according to all analysts will go further in the coming years.

Cross-border trade is becoming a distribution channel capable of expanding the exporting companies’ base of client. But in spite of the great advance experienced in recent years, it still presents a series of logistical, commercial and regulatory challenges that must be taken into account so that its development is greater. Thus, it has drawbacks related to logistics, customs regulations and payment processing. Among the aspects that limit the expansion of cross-border e-commerce, experts continue to mention aspects such as the lack of global logistics operators or the lack of standardization in terms of delivery times and shipping costs, which limits their implementation. In this regard, while the market demands a global logistics chain, the operators coexist with local legislations that often cancel each other out in cross-border trade.

However, the good news is that global commercial operations are becoming more frequent and many of these obstacles are disappearing, thanks for example to the emergence of operators and global logistics chains.

Cross-border trade, its current state, as well as its challenges will be precisely one of the highlights of the eDelivery Congress, which will dedicate the day of June 26 to this topic, in particular to the relations of Europe with Africa and Latin America and also to the linking of cross-border trade with augmented reality.

El comercio transfronterizo, su estado actual, así como sus retos y desafíos serán precisamente uno de los platos fuertes del Congreso eDelivery, que dedicará la jornada del día 26 de junio a esta temática, en concreto las relaciones de Europa con África y Latinoamérica y también a la vinculación del comercio transfronterizo con la realidad aumentada.

The boom of cross-border electronic commerce
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