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El eDelivery al día
08 de abril de 2019
Sustainable mobility and thechnology boost the emergence of distribution startups

The spectacular increase in online sales is generating a volume of goods and parcel movements that has direct effects on mobility and sustainability in urban centers. Trucks and vans generate a high percentage of polluting emissions. The challenge of achieving a distribution that, while meeting the consumers’ expectations, is efficient and sustainable, is a question that cannot be postponed.

In this context, more and more initiatives are emerging that favor the distribution of goods using ecological and sustainable vehicles. In some cases, these are consolidated companies that adapt their fleet to the new environmental requirements, but in other cases they are young, enterprising companies that present innovative projects to face the growing pollution restrictions in cities.

Such is the case of Mensos, a Madrid-based delivery start-up that has created a sustainable urban distribution center with environment-respectful vehicles such as bicycles, tricycles or electric motorcycles. In this case, the distribution carried out by two bicycles is equivalent to that of a combustion van, and this has allowed them to save 27 tons of CO2 in the center of Madrid in 2018. In addition, these bicycles reach up to 100 kilos of cargo in deliveries and carry geolocation and tracking technology when delivering goods to increase distribution efficiency.

It is also the case of Txita, a company that deliveries goods in San Sebastian with cargo bicycles from a central warehouse. With an even longer trajectory, the Catalan company Ara Vinc has a fleet of 50 motorcycles, 50 electric vans eight cargo bikes (bicycles with three wheels and a box to transport goods), two LPG vehicles (liquefied gas) and various pedal bicycles.

However, initiatives to reduce environmental impact do not only refer to transport vehicles that are less polluting. The use of advanced technologies is also making it possible to reduce delivery schedules and discover which is the best way to optimize the route.

Many of these initiatives have arisen from startups, a business development model that offers more transgressive solutions for the distribution companies to adapt their business model. Entrepreneurs offer agile and advanced structures to face the big changes that the logistics and distribution sector is facing quickly and in an agile way.

En este contexto, el próximo 22 de abril finaliza el plazo para que las startups de los sectores del e-commerce y la logística puedan apuntarse al eDelivery Startup Innovation Hub, una oportunidad para desarrollar propuestas innovadoras y disruptivas. El Startup Innovation Hub es un programa elaborado por eDelivery Barcelona, Feria Internacional de la Entrega, Logística y Última Milla en el e-Commerce, que organiza el Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona. Para llevarlo a cabo cuenta con la colaboración de La Salle Technova Barcelona.

In this context, the deadline for signing in for e-commerce and logistics up for the eDelivery Startup Innovation Hub finishes on April 22nd. It is an opportunity for them to develop innovative and disruptive proposals. The Startup Innovation Hub is a program developed by eDelivery Barcelona, the for e-Commerce Delivery, Logistics and Last Mile International Exhibition, organized by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona with the collaboration of La Salle Technova Barcelona.

The Startup Innovation Hub will have an exhibition space within eDelivery Barcelona where the participating startups can present their proposals to corporations around the world, as well as to investors and corporate ventures. eDelivery Barcelona will select the most innovative and relevant startups to offer them their exhibition space free of charge.

Once the exhibition is over, eDelivery will choose the ten best startups so that they can participate for free in the eDelivery Accelerator promoted by the Consorci de la Zona Franca and organized by La Salle Technova Barcelona. Last year, among the finalist startups were very disruptive proposals such as blockchain technology solutions focused on the maritime transport of goods, a fleet of self-loading and unloading terrestrial robots to solve the problem of the delivery of the last mile or the proposal that freight forwarders could send quotes to their customers in real time.



Sustainable mobility and thechnology boost the emergence of distribution startups
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